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Start some 25 kms (16 miles) south of Córdoba on rolling landscape, between 300 and 700 meters (984 and 2.297 ft) above sea level.

Vineyard climate:
One of the hottest Mediterranean climates in Spain with around 2.500 hours of sunshine each year and a avarage rainfall of only 600 mm. Temperatures vary between -5º and 45ºC (23 and 113ºF) in the shade, regularly hitting 40ºC (104ºF) during the summer.

Predominant soil formation:
White and sandy limestone with more chalk which retains winter rains in the best wine growing area, 2.680 hectares (6,622 acres) of higher ground in the Sierra de Montilla and the Moriles Alto.

Principal variety:
Pedro Ximénez (90% production). Sweet, fragrant and fruity white grape. The constant heart ensures a high sugar -and therefore alcohol- content, which means that the wines of Montilla Moriles are naturally strong wines whereas fortified wines have been strengthend by adding alcohol during the winemaking process.

Otras varieties:
Chenin Blanc, Baladí-Verdejo, Lairén and Moscatel (10% production).

Total area in vineyards:
10.573 hectares (26,125 acres).
"Just Southwest of the fabled city of Córdoba, in the sunbaked heart of Andalusia in southern Spain, is the hitoric Montilla-Moriles wine region where a technological revolution in the production of high quality vinos generosos has assured a clutch of top awards and increased worldwide recognitizion".

Edward Owen lives in Madrid and writes for The Time and The Express of London.
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