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Piedra Luenga Pedro Ximénez

Tasting Notes
  Colour: Dark mahogany
  Taste: Amplie palate, fruity, solid
  Bouquet: Warm aroma, notes of sun ripened fruits & dried figs

- Alcohol Content: 15º
- Vintage: Current year
- Grape Variety: Pedro Ximénez
- Denomination of Origin:

How to serve Serve cool, but not cold, 16º How to keep before open It improves with age How to keep when opened It is not affected
How to use the wineskin Small tulip shaped glass to half the capacity, to full appreciate the delicate aroma of this Spanish organic wine.
Recommendations for consuming

Dessert generous wine. Excellent with blue cheese. To enjoy on its own.

Piedra Luenga Pedro Ximénez

The organic wines Pedro Ximenez are one of the most original wines in the world. A soldier in Spanish army names it after the grape variety originally grown, it is said, from cutting of wines from Rhine brought to Andalusia centuries ago.

The grape bunches are spread out in the sun on the paseros (esparto matts). Every day the bunches are carefully turned to ensure an even toasting in the hot southern Spanish sun, until they are practically raisins. The aim is to reduce the liquid content of the grape, so that the resulting must will contain more than 300 grams of sugar per liter. When the grapes reach the desired degree of sweetness, they are crushed and, before fermentation starts, fortified to nine percent alcohol.

The resulting wine is called vino tierno, tender wine. Next, the alcohol level is increased progressively to 15 percent and the wine is matured following the solera and criadera system.

It is a organic wine made from organically grown grapes. In order for a vineyard to be classed as organic, we must be able to prove which vineyard the grapes came from, then the CAAE (Spanish officially recognized body) certified the vineyard as organic, and from what date certified organic practices began.

Such growing methods for this organic wine used by our parents and grandparents give precisely what fine winemakers seek: smaller harvests of high quality grapes expressing the full character of the wine´s variety without the muddied aromas or taste of residual chemicals.

The Spanish organic wine Pedro Ximenez Piedra Luenga, is certified besides for European Union, regulation (CEE 2092/91). In addition it display the stamp of the UDSA, on having fulfilled the Norms of Production and Certification Organics (NOP) of the Department of Agriculture of the EEUU.

Piedra Luenga Pedro Ximénez

• Keep the organic wines bottles in a cool place.

• Optimum temperature below 16º without noticeable variations.

• Do not store together with substances of strong or unpleasant smell.

• Avoid noise, light and high temperatures.

• Store the bottle in vertical position.

• Avoid exposure to sun and do not store near coffee machines or others generators of heat.

Piedra Luenga Pedro Ximénez

Bottle 500 ml

Box 3, 12 bottles

Bottle 500 ml

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